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Keep Stress from Getting the Best of You!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The chaos of this past year has been stressful! It has either motivated us or depleted our energy reserves, resulting in two outcomes, Coping or Moping. What camp have you been in?

When we are stressed - physically, emotionally, or mentally - our body responds as if we are in danger. Its natural stress response creates hormones that speed up our heart, make us breathe faster, and give us a burst of energy. Handy things to have happen when we really need it, but when the body's stress response is turned on for an extended time, it wears us down.

Stress is linked to headaches, sleep issues, stomach problems and back pain, can weaken the immune system, and has a negative impact on our body, mind, and spirit.

There are many ways to "cope not mope". Blowing bubbles may be one of your go-to remedies (which is fabulous). Other healthy ways to address chaos and stress includes working with essential oils or healing gemstones. To learn more about these, along with options to navigate life's challenges, contact Mary Jo.


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