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Healing Hearts & Hands
Reiki Classes For Kids

Children "go with the flow" in life. They are natural healers and have an innate awareness of healing energy. Because of this, it's easy for them to learn Reiki. "Healing Hearts & Hands" Reiki classes are a fun way for kids to learn about energy healing. In this class, which is geared for 8-12 year olds, kids can get in touch with the subtle energy around them. They will have the opportunity to explore Reiki through art and hands-on experience, while learning easy-to-use Reiki techniques.

Reiki Classes for Kids - 4th Dimension Healing
Reiki Classes for Kids - 4th Dimension Healing
More About "Healing Hearts & Hands" Reiki classes:
  • It is recommended that a parent/guardian attend if your child is under 10 years of age
  • Classes are 4 hours in length
  • The class fee is $125 per child 
  • Class includes a "Healing Hearts & Hands" Reiki for Kids Certificate, Level I Usui Reiki attunement, manual, Reiki stone and art supplies
If your child brings a friend they both save 15%!
(Just enter code RFK-15 at checkout.)
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