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In-Person and Distant Sessions Available

​Energy Healing works in harmony with standard medical care and is safe for children and adults of all ages. By exploring the areas in your life that call for healing, Energy Healing helps to address the core issues that interfere with your ability to experience a vibrant and healthy life.

Note: I am currently scheduling several weeks out, as I set aside time for my current clients. However, I do have cancellations so may be able to schedule your session sooner.

Schedule a Healing Session!

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Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing sessions provide deep relaxation as the energy field is cleared, energized and balanced. Gemstones and pure essential oils may be used during the session to further promote healing.

Light Language Healing

When healing vibrations and frequencies are expressed verbally, written, or signed with the hands, it is known has Light Language, and it brings our soul, cells and DNA transformational healing.

Distant Healing

During a distance healing session my client and I are not in the same room. Whether a person is across town or on the other side of the world, healing takes place because energy healing transcends time and space.

Healer Mentoring

Exploring your healing gifts and developing the needed skills to create an Energy Healing practice takes a significant commitment. Because of this, there will come a time when you understand that your personal healing and growth will be most successful when done in partnership with an experienced Energy Healer.

Retreats, Seminars

I am available for partial or full day retreats, workshops and seminars.

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