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Exploring your healing gifts and developing the needed skills to create an energy healing practice takes a significant commitment. Your journey will require you to courageously look within, learning to trust and love yourself enough to do your own personal healing work. 


Healer Mentoring - 4th Dimension Healing
As a Healer you will experience sacred, Spirit-filled moments. You will be awed. You will sense the inner connectedness that exists between all things. Most importantly, you will learn that we do not do this work alone. Because of this, there will come a time when you understand that your personal healing and growth will be most successful when done in partnership with an experienced Energy Healer who can walk along side of you.


As an Healing Mentor, I offer those with whom I work the opportunity to experience ongoing personal healing, growth and transformation in a one-on-one setting. I bring to my mentor relationships enthusiasm, compassion, humor, and a willingness to share my skills, knowledge, and expertise. For more information about Energy Healing Mentoring services please contact Mary Jo.​



$90 per hour

​Mentoring sessions may take place in person, by phone or via Zoom


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