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Trust the Unknown

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

What would life be like if we were to let go of the need to know what would happen next? How would it feel to be liberated from the need to reach out and cling to that which has not yet been created?

Trusting the unknowable process that we call Life isn't easy. We want to get our hands on things and figure out how to navigate every possible option that arises. The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching us the opposite, isn't it?

During this time, it is important to allow whatever is emerging to do so in each moment. Just as the acorn knows not what its fruit will yield, neither do we. Living moment by moment is enough, yet living fully into each moment takes skill and practice.

If you are seeking ways to trust the unknowable aspects of life, and are looking for mentoring and guidance, contact me.


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