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Do You Bend or Break?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

This year has been hard, no doubt about it. Admitting things are tough, doing what needs to be done, and still having hope is what it means to be resilient. Kids are naturally resilient. From learning to walk or ride a bike, to navigating distant learning, kids are remarkable at showing us how to go with the flow.

While this may not be easy at first, when we learn that shifting into a rhythm of life that is different than what we're used to can actually work out, we demonstrate resilience. And, when, like the fall leaves around us, we allow others to see our vivid unseen colors (those aspects of ourselves that we've not expressed quite so boldly in the past), we are resilient.

Bending (and not breaking!) is the work of healing. If you are seeking ways to nurture and strengthen your resilience, contact me for a healing or mentoring session.


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