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Thanksgiving is Not About Turkey

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Let's face it . . . our culture's over-emphasis on consumption has created a climate where over-eating, over-spending, and over-doing just about everything in our life is the norm. Unfortunately, with all this frenzy, there may be little room left at the table for gratitude.

Each year, the Thanksgiving holiday kicks off a whirlwind few weeks when special gatherings ramp up and a lot of activities take place in a short amount of time. To counter the chaos, what if each of us were to create a "Gratitude Pause" and simply stop moving for a moment? What might that look like? And, even more important to consider, what might that feel like?

We all have amazing people in our lives who nurture and feed our souls. We are quick to admit that we aren't exactly sure what life would be like without them, and for that we give thanks. It's easy and comfortable to do. However, what if we were to offer gratitude for those in our life who "push our buttons" and rub us the wrong way? Afterall, once the dust settles, we learn the most from them, for they actually are our greatest teachers.

Thanksgiving is not about turkey; it's about genuinely offering heart-felt gratitude for everything . . . even our thorniest companions. What might it look like if we were to create space in our life for a "Gratitude Pause" from time to time? I think it would look beautiful!


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