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The Magic of Resolutions

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We are a good week into the new year and my bet is that many of us are still embracing the New Year's resolutions we so whole-heartedly made for 2020.

Regardless of what we decided to focus on, be it a heart-felt commitment to eat less and exercise more or a personal promise to crawl out of bed early each morning to meditate or journal, every intention counts! And, while some of our well thought out New Year's resolutions may not make it to February, my guess is that the ones that matter, the ones that are realistically "doable", will.

Setting the bar high, so to speak, when it comes to personal goals can seem daunting. Yet, doing so can be very helpful in identifying areas of our life that we want to polish up a bit. Creating goals is definitely important; doing so helps us push through the complacency and dullness that creeps into our lives from time to time, stretching ourselves and growing beyond our comfort zone.

New Year's resolutions aren't designed to help us feel better about ourselves; they are about creating magic in our lives and making a difference every single day. Every effort we make (small or big) to improve ourselves, our community and our world matters. Every good and helpful effort we make benefits the greater whole.

This is when the magic happens.


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