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Hello Silence, My Old Friend

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

As a child of the 60’s, I grew up with music that reached deep into the truth, pain and insight of changing times. The prophetic words of Simon and Garfunkel‘s The Sound of Silence still echo in my heart.

This leads me dig a bit more deeply into how we can tap into this Silence. Perhaps like me, you've heard all sorts of advice about how to meditate. It usually goes something like this: Close your eyes. Face a wall. Sit on a chair. You have to sit on a cushion. Keep your eyes open. Stare at a flame. Don't look at anything. Follow your breath. Focus on a single word. Ignore your surroundings. Detach from "everything".

Good Grief! Now I'm really confused! Am I even doing it right?

"Sitting" (a.k.a. meditating) has been a spiritual process practiced by humans for millennia to help cope with the issues of life. Learning to listen to the hushed voice of one's inner soul has been the message of hope offered by sages and mystics across culture and time.

Regardless of one's connection with a religious or spiritual community - or lack thereof - we are hardwired as humans to follow the invitation to go within for strength, renewal, healing, and answers. From sitting under a tree or in a boat waiting for a fish, to visiting a mosque, temple, or church, quieting ourselves seems natural because, quite frankly, it is.

Our lives have become so busy that at times we forget the simplicity of it all. Yet, we have a choice to slow down, even for a few minutes, and create a practice that helps us deal with life.

So, without further hesitation about doing it right or fear that the whole darn thing is too complicated to even try, let's welcome a bit of Silence into our life. Afterall, how else will we hear what our Old Friend has to say?


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