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Get Grounded with Gemstones

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Let's face it ... being grounded is essential. We live in hectic and busy times, and we need to be present and aware of what's going on in our life. If not, we are late or miss appointments, take the wrong turn, and run out of energy. Taking care of ourselves (from eating well and getting enough rest to balancing responsiblities and having fun) is really important. Working with healing gemstones is a fabulous way to "get grounded". I have found that when I am in need of grounding, working with gemstones and crystals that resonate stongly with the magentic frequency of the earth to be the best. I refer to them as "Earth Element" stones.

While I realize that there are lots to choose from, I've got to say that my Top Three go-to "Earth Element" stones are Shungite, Pyrite, and Ruby.

#1 Shungite is a very powerful, ancient healing stone that detoxifies the body by absorbing and eliminating negative or health hazardous energies. Shungite can be used for EMF (electro-magnetic field) protection, grounding, as well as for general healing and well-being. I like to place shungite pyramids and spheres on or near my desk to help keep the area clear of electronic energies that are generated by my computer and other devices.

#2 Pyrite (also known as Fool's Gold) is a very protective and grounding stone. It blocks energy leaks and strengthens the energy field (aura). We all experience times when we could use some extra support to maintain healthy boundaries, and pyrite is a great stone for this purpose. Pyrite also promotes good physical health and emotional well-being.

#3 Ruby has an energy that is all about connecting us to earth energy and drawing it up into our physical and energy bodies. Ruby stimulates and grounds life-force energy throughout the body and promotes courage, passion, strength and enthusiasm. Ruby is really powerful for bringing additional vitality into one’s being.

Of course, there are a lot of other Earth Element stones that also support grounding, so if you're ready to dive in check them all out! Read more....


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