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Grandma Really Does Know Best!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The ancient healing benefits of plants is making a comeback. From herbal teas to ointments and poultices made from “backyard weeds", more and more of us are turning our attention to the healing properties of plants that grow - literally - beneath our feet.

These days, turning to the garden (be it vegetable or flower) hasn’t generally been the first place we would go for relief of health complaints. Yet, there has always been a thread of healing wisdom available to us right outside our back door.

The 12th-century visionary and healer, Hildegard of Bingen, recognized the role plants and other parts of nature (such as crystals) play in holistic body-mind-spirit health. I wonder what would happen if we listened more deeply to her. . . or to the other "Hildegards" in our life.

Not sure where to start? Brew a cup of tea! Try lavender to calm, peppermint to perk yourself up, and chamomile to settle your mind. Essential oils are really quite remarkable too. Rubbing a bit of fennel on your belly can bring relief to an upset stomach. A bit of eucalyptus or wintergreen on the bottom of your feet can relieve aches, and the healing benefits of marjoram, thyme, oregano, basil and lemon (to name only a few) are beyond amazing!

So, talk with the elders in your life about what they remember. What did their grandmothers tell them? Which "backyard weeds" were used to help them heal? Share what you learn and pass on the wisdom that has been passed on to you. If not you, then who?


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