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Quirky Quartz

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

What can be smooth or rough, dense or clear as glass, and covers almost the entire earth's crust? You've got it! Quartz - SiO2 - good old silicone dioxide! A vast number of gemstones contain quartz and, when mixed together with a multitude of other minerals found deep within Mother Earth, result in a beautiful and amazing array of stones that easily take our breath away.

When it comes to the Quartz Family, there are five key players: Clear Quartz (a.k.a. Rock Crystal), with its ability to clarify and amplify energy, Rose Quartz and its calming and nurturing frequency, Smoky Quartz with its strong grounding energy signature, Amethyst and its uber-high frequency (quite the opposite of its sibling Smoky), and finally Citrine with its fiery, ambitious, "Let's get things done!" attitude.

Fun Fact #1: Did you know that amethyst, when super-heated, becomes citrine? If this heat-treatment takes place while amethyst is still nestled within the earth, the stone is called Natural Citrine. If, however, the amethyst is heated up once it has been unearthed (think kiln), it becomes what is known as Common Citrine. Both are citrine, yet have slightly different qualities that can impact the way they are used for healing.

Fun Fact #2: If part of an amethyst becomes super-hot and another portion of the stone remains cooler, we get the fabulous crystal known as Ametrine.)

With all this diversity, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that, be it through meditation or when used in conjunction with energy healing, the sky's the limit when it comes to ways we can work with quartz for body, mind and spirit self-care. Each member of the Quirky Quartz family is unique, and the transformation that can take place when you choose to work with one or more them is truly incredible!


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