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Pancreas Layout Gemstone Set

This Pancreas Layout Gemstone Set consists of 3 gemstones that have been specifically selected for their properties that support healthy pancreas function, which has a dual role in the body and plays an essential part in converting the food we eat into the fuel needed by the body. This set includes 2 Pyrite (Peruvian) and 1 Orange Calcite. Ideal placement of these stones is to position the orange calcite in the middle of the upper abdomen, directly under the rib cage. Then place the pyrite on each side of the orange calcite. These stones can also be carried, placed under a pillow or used during meditation.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the pancreas teams up with the spleen and is referred to as the spleen-pancreas. An overactive pancreas can lead to undernourishment and exhaustion, which can show up as allergies and immune system imbalance. A weak pancreas results in a decrease in the ability to process both food and experiences that can be experienced as physical illness or weakness, melancholy, insecurity and indecision. (Note: If availability of gemstones is limited, you will be contacted prior to order processing.)

Pancreas Layout Gemstone Set

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