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Large Intestine Layout Gemstone Set

This Large Intestine Layout Gemstone Set consists of 5 gemstones that have been specifically selected for their properties that support a healthy large intestine and its main function of the active elimination of substances that are no longer useful, at both the physical and energetic level. This set includes 4 Amethyst and 1 Rainforest Jasper. Ideal placement of these stones is to position the rainforest jasper in the center of the lower abdomen. Then place the four amethyst directly above, below, and to each side of the rainforest jasper. These stones can also be carried, placed under a pillow or used during meditation.


In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, there is an organ clock that represents organ function and its overall effect on body-mind-spirit health. Throughout each 24-hour cycle, the organ system provides a way for the body and energy pathways (meridians) to communicate. A balanced large intestine function area results in an ability to trust, release disappointment and pain, and open to new possibilities. When the large intestine functioning is weakened or imbalanced, we experience bloating, diarrhea, constipation, apathy, weakness, rashes, stubbornness, and an inability to change our mindset. (Note: If availability of gemstones is limited, you will be contacted prior to order processing.)

Large Intestine Layout Gemstone Set

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