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Kidney Layout Gemstone Set

This Kidney Layout Gemstone Set consists of 3 gemstones that have been specifically selected for their properties that support strong and balanced energy levels. This set includes 2 Hematite and 1 Golden Tiger's Eye. Ideal placement of these stones is across the upper abdomen, with the golden tiger's eye placed in the center of the upper abdomen and a piece of hematite placed on both sides of the golden tiger's eye. These gemstones can also be carried, placed under a pillow or used during meditation.


In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, there is an organ clock that represents organ function and its overall effect on body-mind-spirit health. Throughout each 24-hour cycle, the organ system provides a way for the body and energy pathways (meridians) to communicate. The Kidneys draw our attention inward to take care of our personal needs. When a person's kidney energy is strong, they have more life energy to use. Weak kidney energy manifests as a general lack of energy in life, while excessive kidney function results in energy being used up too quickly. (Note: If availability of gemstones is limited, you will be contacted prior to order processing.)

Kidney Layout Gemstone Set

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