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5 Mini-Crystal Grid Templates Bundle

This Mini-Crystal Grid Template Bundle includes all five of the following Grid Templates:

Mini-Square Crystal Grid - Balancing, Solidifying, Protecting. This square template is one of othe most versatile grids. With perfect symmetry, this grid creates an energetic cube, grounding energy and anchoring intention. Suggested properties of gemstones: grounding, protective and cleansing crystals.

Mini-Hexagon Crystal Grid - Protection and Cleansing. The hexagon template is a symbol of protection, and the balancing of opposing forces. One triangle draws energies down, while the secont triangle clears and grounds energy. Suggested properties of gemstones in downward triangle: grounding, protective, cleansing crystals. For upward triangle: high-vibration, light-bringing, abundance crystals.

Mini-Infinity Crystal Grid - Wholeness and Completion. The Infinity symbol, also referred to as a Lemniscate (Figure of Eight) represents two becoming one. The loops also reflect the balance of opposites: masculine/feminine, yang/yin, light/dark, day/night. This grid can be created either vertically or horizontally. Suggested properties of gemstones for the left-hand or upper circle: grounding crystals. For the right-hand or lower circle: high-vibration, light-bringing crystals.

Mini-Spiral Crystal Grid - Vortex Energy, Re-Energizing, Growth. The spiral is one of the foundational forms in which organisms grow. The whirling energy that is generated from its central point can either radiate up and outward or pull inward, drawing energy down and in, depending upon the intention. Suggested gemstones: Citrine, Selenite, Smoky Quartz

Mini-Pentagram Crystal Grid - Abundance, Attraction, Protection. The 5-sided pentagram is a symbol that draws down universal energies, infusing creative and protective energies into daily experiences and activities. Suggested properties of gemstones: grounding, protective, cleansing, high-vibration, light-bringing, abundance crystals.

5 Mini-Crystal Grid Templates Bundle

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